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After 2 Years, M.T.A. and Union Close In on a New Contract

Wed, 2014/04/16 - 8:39pm
Local 100 of the Transport Workers Union was likely to receive a sizable raise for 34,000 transit employees as the agency appears to have moved away from its demands for a wage freeze.

Cuomo’s Passage of Gun Law Was Legitimate, Judge Rules

Wed, 2014/04/16 - 8:19pm
A State Supreme Court justice rejected claims that Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo had inappropriately fast-tracked the state’s gun law and that its restrictions violate the Second Amendment.

Officer Stands By His Account of Scuffle at Occupy Wall Street Protest

Wed, 2014/04/16 - 7:44pm
Officer Grantley Bovell admitted in court Wednesday that he had fixed several traffic tickets before 2011, but said that he had told the truth about being assaulted by a protester in 2012.

Winning Lottery Numbers for April 16, 2014

Wed, 2014/04/16 - 7:38pm
Lottery numbers for New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Editorial: Spying at the N.Y.P.D.

Wed, 2014/04/16 - 7:25pm
The commissioner of the New York Police Department did the right thing when he disbanded the unit that spied on law-abiding Muslim citizens.

With Panel Gone, a Move to Monitor New York Lawmakers’ Income Is Thwarted

Wed, 2014/04/16 - 7:18pm
Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s much-questioned decision last month to disband the Moreland Commission has scuttled an inquiry into the money earned by legislators from other jobs.

Gotham: Ailing Pulaski Skyway Offers a Lesson in Creative Financing

Wed, 2014/04/16 - 7:04pm
Much of what plagues New Jersey economically can be explained by the fate of the bridge, which is on life support. But how to finance repairs is a grave problem, because the state is a transportation pauper.

New York Lawmakers Push to Raise Wages at Biggest Chains

Wed, 2014/04/16 - 6:55pm
State Senator Daniel L. Squadron’s bill would raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour for employees of McDonald’s, Walmart and other businesses with yearly sales of $50 million or more.

Suburbs Try to Prevent an Exodus as Young Adults Move to Cities and Stay

Wed, 2014/04/16 - 6:36pm
A report found that counties like Westchester, Nassau and Suffolk faced tough competition from New York City for young people, perhaps because of less diversity and a dearth of modest rentals.

For Young Traders, a Market Where Air Jordans Are Blue Chips

Wed, 2014/04/16 - 1:04pm
Bartering and selling at conventions and online, the thousands of mostly teenage “sneakerheads” have perfected the art of trading up.

Architects Mourn Former Folk Art Museum Building

Wed, 2014/04/16 - 12:59pm
Tod Williams, one of the architects of the former Folk Art Museum, spoke Tuesday about the Museum of Modern Art’s decision to tear it down.

Metropolitan Diary: A 17-Year-Old, Living in New York

Wed, 2014/04/16 - 9:33am
Metropolitan Diary: A young woman is tired of the leers and crude remarks she and her friends get on the streets.

Building Blocks: World’s Fair Showed a Different Side of the Port Authority

Wed, 2014/04/16 - 8:55am
A half-century ago, Robert Moses turned over planning and development of the 1964 event’s entire 80-acre transportation area to the bistate agency.

City Room: New York Today: Snows of Mid-April

Wed, 2014/04/16 - 8:28am
What you need to know for Wednesday: a freezing morning, a police unit that spied on Muslims is disbanded, and a birthday party for scary dolls.

Michael Bloomberg Discusses Gun Control

Wed, 2014/04/16 - 7:50am
Michael R. Bloomberg says that to be most effective, it helps to be single-minded. His issue, he says, is guns.

City Room: Playing Hooky at Grandma’s Deli

Wed, 2014/04/16 - 6:33am
Metropolitan Diary: Skipping school in May for the delights of a grandmother’s blintzes and pierogies was fun, until…

More Talks Expected in ‘Central Park Five’ Lawsuit

Tue, 2014/04/15 - 8:04pm
Lawyers for New York City said in a court filing on Tuesday that they expected to resume settlement talks in the lawsuit by five men convicted in the 1989 rape of a jogger in Central Park.

After Being Shot, Boy Comforted Family

Tue, 2014/04/15 - 7:55pm
A 13-year-old Brooklyn boy who was shot twice in the head on Monday stands a 90 percent chance of losing his right eye, his family said.

Editorial: Better Rules for Bad Lawyers

Tue, 2014/04/15 - 7:49pm
New York needs to adopt uniform standards for disciplining lawyers if citizens are to have confidence in those who represent them.

City Explores Ways to Curb Taxi Speeds

Tue, 2014/04/15 - 7:37pm
The Taxi and Limousine Commission has issued a request for information concerning “anti-speeding vehicle technologies,” including anti-speeding devices for cars.