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Winning Lottery Numbers for June 28, 2014

Sat, 2014/06/28 - 7:56pm
Lottery numbers for New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Brooklyn Man, 32, Is Killed in Hit and Run

Sat, 2014/06/28 - 7:12pm
Bryan Loughran was found unconscious outside a bar in Gerritsen Beach with severe injuries after police officers received a call around 2:45 a.m. Saturday about a pedestrian being struck.

Cuomo Plan Seeks to End New York’s AIDS Epidemic

Sat, 2014/06/28 - 2:14pm
Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo said he would announce on Sunday a plan for more-aggressive testing and treatment, a result of months of negotiations with AIDS activists.

Opinion: Remembering Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson

Sat, 2014/06/28 - 12:30pm
Millions of Jews followed the Rebbe, who had a belief in the importance of the individual act.

Boy, 3, Found Safe After Grandfather Falls Asleep on Subway

Fri, 2014/06/27 - 10:13pm
A 3-year-old boy from Newark is with relatives after a relative reported him missing for several hours on the F line.

Winning Lottery Numbers for June 27, 2014

Fri, 2014/06/27 - 9:33pm
Lottery numbers for New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Esposito, Police Veteran, to Lead Emergency Agency

Fri, 2014/06/27 - 8:31pm
Joseph Esposito, who led the New York City Police Department’s responses to Hurricane Sandy and the Sept. 11 attacks, was named emergency management commissioner.

City Room: Basking, Not Baking

Fri, 2014/06/27 - 8:24pm
The Sol Goldman Pool at the Red Hook Recreation Center in Brooklyn opened for the season on Friday.

Ellis Island Artifacts Still in Protective Custody After Storm

Fri, 2014/06/27 - 8:07pm
More than a million archives and thousands of objects are in protective custody at a facility in Maryland.

Rations Reduced as Demand Grows for Soup Kitchens

Fri, 2014/06/27 - 7:30pm
A nightly food run by the Coalition for the Homeless is drawing bigger crowds than ever before in some parts of Manhattan and the Bronx.

An Orchestra of Little Hands and Big Dreams

Fri, 2014/06/27 - 7:25pm
Young musicians from disadvantaged backgrounds will show off their skills on Saturday at the United Palace Theater in Washington Heights, Manhattan.

Like a Domino, Another Atlantic City Casino Falls

Fri, 2014/06/27 - 7:15pm
The Showboat casino and its 1,300-room hotel are set to close Aug. 31, putting more than 2,100 people out of work.

Crime Scene: The Accidental Escapee, or the Eyewitness in the Back Seat

Fri, 2014/06/27 - 6:46pm
Peter Zacharakis was under arrest and in a police vehicle when another handcuffed prisoner took the wheel.

Church of the Holy Innocents, Home of the City’s Only Daily Latin Mass, Might Close

Fri, 2014/06/27 - 6:28pm
The Church of the Holy Innocents, the only New York City church that offers the Latin Mass daily, is among churches that might be closed.

Dining Review | Long Island: A Review of Joe’s Garage and Grill in Riverhead

Fri, 2014/06/27 - 6:21pm
Joe’s Garage and Grill, a three-month-old restaurant in Riverhead, has a menu with an automotive theme.

Arts | Long Island: Seaside With Kindred Spirits of Cookery

Fri, 2014/06/27 - 5:43pm
“Craig Claiborne and Pierre Franey: Cookbook Revolutionaries in East Hampton” at the East Hampton Historical Society’s Clinton Academy Museum, includes more than 70 images, several hand-drawn menus, various cookware used by the duo and more.

Two Good Reasons | Rosebank: She Did It Her Way

Fri, 2014/06/27 - 5:30pm
Reasons to visit Rosebank on Staten Island include the Alice Austen House, and Bayou, a New Orleans-themed restaurant.

Dining Review | Westchester: A Review of Vox in North Salem

Fri, 2014/06/27 - 5:19pm
The menu at Vox in North Salem has changed little over the years, retaining much of its French flavor. Nonetheless, the listing has something for every appetite.

Lawmaker in Manhattan Pleads Guilty to 2 Felonies

Fri, 2014/06/27 - 5:14pm
Gabriela Rosa, a Democrat in her first term representing a district of Upper Manhattan, was forced to leave office for making false statements.

Spotlight | Ridgefield, Conn.: Exploring the Continuity of the Radical

Fri, 2014/06/27 - 5:02pm
At the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, there are new projects by contemporary artists and solo shows of recent works by established artists whose early careers were nurtured by the museum’s founder.